Proudly rated R: ‘Speak to Me’ is a well-acted and downright horrifying movie for the ages

A24 strikes once more with one other horror movie for the ages, this time involving possession as a celebration trick.

Speak to Me is a creepy, generally humorous and generally downright horrifying tackle the possession horror style that, to its credit score, picks a darkish path and sticks to it.

Too many horror movies are unwilling to go full-on bleak and take up that R score. Not this one.

Sophie Wilde is Mia, a depressed younger grownup and social outcast seeking to decide up the items after the lack of her mom. Searching for to get Mia again on the suitable social monitor, some buddies carry her to a celebration the place the whole lot appears regular—till one in all them brings out a statue of a hand, and instructs Mia to carry that hand whereas saying, “Speak to me.”

Seems that hand has particular powers that not solely mean you can speak to the lifeless, however to ask the lifeless into your physique for a brief possession. Typically these possessions come off as a really intense thrill experience; generally these possessions result in far more sophisticated issues. By the movie’s finish, the get together contributors, as soon as cackling with delight, are largely wishing they’d caught with skunk weed and boxed wine as get together favors.

The visuals on this movie, directed by Danny and Michael Philippou, are top-notch. The ghosts are terrifying, and the following possessions are well-acted. Wilde, a relative unknown, is very good at wild-eyed, scary smiling possession antics.

Get set for what is going to certainly be a string of yet-to-be-announced sequels—each worse than the one earlier than it. Earlier than these sequels damage the whole lot, let’s take this time to keep in mind that the unique Speak to Me was, in truth, a novel horror movie that was visually masterful and supremely well-acted.

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